Sunreaver , Dec 5, Pillories serve as a form of lesser punishment through public humiliation and generally only lasted a few hours. Later on, they are referenced yet again as the Forsaken attempted to breach the Greymane Wall. The Invasion of Kalimdor in Chapter Three: The Emberstone miners are mining a black ore that is presumably coal and iron. Your character can only die if you want them to; you choose the injuries that you acquire.

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There is no evidence for judicial courts or a legislative body, though they likely exist. The final Gilnean headstone is the most elaborate.

Some townships may also have deputy mayors to assist with the duties. Gilneas does not share a border with Stromgarde territory.

Like most humansthey typically revere the Holy Lightthough some formerly reclusive ruralists [4] practice a form of druidism. One conquewt explanation is that the mark symbolizes a crown.

Kingdom of Gilneas

Many Gilnean homes also include yarn and looms. It is unclear what became of Lord Isiden Perenolde after the Crisis of Alterac Succession, as he cannot be found among either the Syndicate or in Gilneas. Several food items suggest that Gilneas also raise pigs.

Gilneans also breed mastiffs as hunting dogs. After its construction, Gilneas remained culturally and politically isolated from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms and the Grand Alliance.


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A deep, narrow valley separates the northern and southern portions of the Great Dusky Mountains. Do you already have an account? This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon. For the city, see Gilneas City. Login The Eastwind Contract. The increased use of refined coal and improvement of iron-making gilneass were also both important early processes for transitioning from agriculture- based economies to industrialization.

The Frozen Throne Recommended version: The Gilnean militia fought in the Second War though the results are ambiguous.

The Howling Oak itself was a symbolic gesture by the night elves, meant to embody the very Worgen Curse that the Gilneans had been granted. Appalled by the idea of being led by a Worgen, Lord Vincent Godfrey and his accomplices captured King Greymane with the intent to use him as a bargaining chip to end the undead invasion.

The Northgate Woods is a heavily wooded area north of Gilneas City. Gilneas has a flourishing visual art scene, though it is limited in a few key areas. King Genn reluctantly supported Lord Regent Lothar as commander of the Alliance army due to his lack of a nation and the political benefit of his Arathi bloodline.


Both women and men were eligible for the various offices. Mages, however, are a relatively rare sight among Gilneans in comparison with other human kingdoms. King Genn Greymane also employed a series of other close royal advisers and court officials: Gilneas is relatively abundant in arable land.

Wild ettin, such as Koroth the Hillbreaker, and ogres can be found in these mountains.

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Such people were known as harvest-witches by the majority of the population. The spirits of the dead are implied to have agency. There are currently no images. The various Gilnean town watches may share similar responsibilities in the townships outside of Off City. The human kingdom had supported the Alliance during the Second War, but King Greymane had no qualms about severing all ties to the outside world when it became clear that the Alliance needed Gilneas more than Gilneas needed the Alliance.